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The Delaware Crossing Chapter was named for the second post office in Kansas, which was located where the Old Military Road from Fort Leavenworth to Fort Scott crossed the Kansas River. The ferry boat operator lived in the Grinter House, which is where the chapter was chartered on November 1, 1960. Delaware Crossing is the oldest and largest SAR chapter in the Kansas City metro area.


Delaware Crossing is the home chapter of the co-founders of the National SAR Eagle Scout Recognition and Scholarship Program: Robert E. Burt and Former President General Arthur M. King. A President General and several Vice-Presidents General hail from this chapter: C.Y. Thomas, I. Barnett Ellis, Arthur M. King, Robert O. Dickey and Herrick H. 'Kes' Kesler as well as an Executive Secretary for SAR, Colonel Ralph H. Goodell, Jr.

What is the purpose of the SAR?

The purpose of this Society  is the patriotic, historical, and educational preservation of the memory of those who, by their services or sacrifices during the war of the American Revolution, achieved the independence of the American people; to unite and promote fellowship among their descendants; to inspire them and the community at large with a more profound reverence for the principles of the government founded by our forefathers; to encourage historical research pertaining to the American Revolution; To acquire and preserve the records of the individual services of the patriots of the war, as well as documents, relics, and landmarks; to celebrate the anniversaries of the prominent events of the war and of the Revolutionary period; to foster true patriotism; to maintain and extend the institutions of American freedom, and to carry out the purposes expressed in the preamble of the Constitution of our country and the injunctions of George Washington in his farewell address to the American people.

Eligibility for membership

Any man shall be eligible for membership in this Society who is 18 or over, the lineal descendant of an ancestor who rendered service in the cause of American Independence, either as an: officer, soldier, seaman, marine, militiaman or minuteman, in the armed forces of the Continental Congress, or of any one of the several Colonies or States; or as a Signer of the Declaration of Independence, or as a member of a Committee of Safety or Correspondence; or as a member of any Continental, Provincial, or Colonial Congress or Legislature; or as a recognized patriot who performed actual service by overt acts of resistance to the authority of Great Britain. Family tradition or legend in regard to the services of an ancestor will not be considered. The bloodline must be documented from generation to generation. We can help establish a documented genealogy through our workshops.


If you meet these requirements, please contact the Delaware Crossing Chapter membership & genealogy chairman, any of the chapter officers, or your nearest Kansas SAR chapter!

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