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Elected Officers (*) and Appointed Officers

* President:  Larry Tatum  913-449-1867  E-mail


* Executive Vice President:  David Yuengert  913-219-0444

* Vice President of Programs: John Martin  913-221-6944


* Secretary:  Kevin Dyches   913-568-9998 


* Treasurer: Shawn Cowing  816-668-3519 E-mail

* Assistant Treasurer:  David Proffitt. 913-229-2233


* Registrar/Genealogist: Tim Peterman 816-761-7453  E-mail

BOG Representative: Ken Ludwig  E-Mail


Chaplain: Bruce Smith 816-838-0074  E-mail

HistorianDennis Nelson 816-444-1198 E-mail

Chancellor: Stu Conrad 913-753-1122  E-Mail

Sergeant at Arms:  Gary Hicks   913-722-2747

Photographer:  Mike Reed 913-709-3604

Parliamentarian: Stu Conrad 913-753-1122 E-Mail

Membership: Tim Peterman 816-761-7453 E-mail

Awards and Medals: Dewey Fry 913-897-9502  E-Mail

Outreach: Tim Peterman 816-761-7453 E-mail

Youth Ed. Coordinator:  David Yuengert  913-219-0444

Color Guard Commander:  Steven French 913-832-6054 E-mail


Mentor Chair: Dewey Fry 913-897-9502  E-Mail

Flag Display: Dewey Fry 913-897-9502  E-Mail

Publicity: Open

Facebook: Dennis Nelson 816-444-1198 E-mail

Americanism: Dennis Nelson 913-888-0131 E-mail


Eagle Scout Contest: Kirk Rush 913-638-9075 E-mail

Poster Contest: Dewey Fry 913-897-9502  E-Mail

Rumbaugh Oration/Knight Essay: Bruce Smith 816-838-0074  E-mail


JROTC Awards: Dan Dryer 913-432-6805


Fire Safety Award:  Steven French 913-832-6054 E-mail

Youth Brochure Chairman:  Bruce Smith 816-838-0074  E-mail

Law Enforcement Award:  Steven French 913-832-6054 E-mail


C.A.R. Liaison:  Dick Nelson 913-888-8386 E-mail

Newsletter Editor: Larry Tatum 913-449-1867  E-mail

Webmaster: Rick Alley 913-481-6824 E-Mail

​Veteran Visits: Dewey Fry 913-897-9502  E-Mail

Kesler Youth Fund Trustees:

     Kirk Rush 913-638-9075 E-mail

     Ken Ludwig 913-558-0292 E-mail

     Stu Conrad 913-753-1122 E-Mail

Audit:  Ken Ludwig 913-558-0292  E-mail

American History Teacher Award:  Bruce Smith 816-838-0074  E-mail


DAR Liaison: Dewey Fry 913-897-9502  E-Mail

​Color Guardsmen:

Steve French - Commander

Kirk Rush

John Naughton

John Forbes

Dewey Fry

Ken Ludwig

Gavin Kurtz

Mike Meisenger

Dennis Nelson

Robert Grover

Kyle Kesler

Larry Tatum

Rick Alley

Dan Dryer





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