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The following Delaware Crossing Chapter Compatriots may be available to present a program at your meeting or school.  See contact information and programs presented below:

Dewey Fry - (816) 223-8559 –
A History of the United States Flag
A History of Our Colonial Flags
George Washington The Great Uniter
Three of Our Founding Fathers: Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington

Gary Hicks - (913) 832-3200 –
Alexander Jackson Majors “Great Freighter of the West” (Characterization)
Legacy of the Santa Fe Trail

Bob Capps - (816) 838-5500 –
Finding Patriot Ancestors
Battle of Moore’s Creek Bridge

John Forbes - (913) 631-4481 –
Sarah Ruddell, Revolutionary War Captive
The Movement of Shawnee from Ohio to Kansas 1780’s – 1830’s
Shawnee Indian Mission

Dennis Nelson - (913) 522-3867 –
Becoming a SAR George Washington Fellow
SAR Americanism Scoresheet
Kansas DAR Referral Program for Referring New SAR Members

m Peterman - (816) 761-7453 –
DNA Discoveries
Family Tree’s DNA testing

Bruce Smith - (816) 838-0074 –

The Battle of Brandywine

The Saratoga Campaign Part I: Prelude to Saratoga

The Saratoga Campaign Part II: The Battles of Saratoga

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